Beginning with essential oils or aromatherapy?

essential oils

Essential Oils

Are you starting to use essential oils? Here’s a little guide with some necessary notes about essential oil safety. There are three traditional methods of using oils for aromatherapy which have been called the English, French and German models.

The English model includes what is now called ‘aromatherapy massage’ – involving the dilution of important oils in carrier or base oils and application topically to the skin. Since both the essential oils and the carrier oils work with the skin, the oils are absorbed into the blood stream with subsequent physiological effect. Most essential oils need significant dilution (typically to less than 3% of the overall volume) as they can trigger skin inflammation...

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Paleo or Keto?

Paleo or Keto

Paleo or Keto

There are currently two popular diets – the ketogenic , or “keto” diet, and the paleo diet. What exactly are they and what are the differences between them?

A Summary of The Differences Between Paleo and Keto Diets:

  • Focus on Ketone Levels: A ketogenic diet focuses on raising your body’s ketone levels by altering your food choices so you enter a metabolic state called nutritional ketosis. A paleo diet doesn’t pay attention to ketone levels.
  • Focus on Food Quality: A paleo diet focuses strongly on choosing whole foods that are nutrient-dense, high-quality, and free from toxins. A healthy ketogenic diet should also include high quality food, but this isn’t the emphasis.
  • Amount of Carbs: A keto diet has a very low carbohydrate intake...
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